Auto Accident Lawyers - Lynnwood, WA

Auto Accidents - Motor vehicle collisions form the majority of my legal caseload as a lawyer. They require a lawyer who knows the Washington State motor vehicle code (RCW - the rules of the road), and the legal rules necessary to hold negligent auto drivers accountable for their accidents.  I have resolved many of these auto accident cases, including multiple fatalities, in my twenty-five year career as a lawyer.  An automobile accident crash is one of the most violent things that can happen suddenly and without any warning in our society.  I show compassion and relentlessness in helping my Lynnwood auto accident clients get the best result that the law allows.  You will be treated with respect, will be kept fully informed, and will experience the satisfaction that comes from an experienced lawyer with specialized knowledge pursuing your case so you get every remedy Washington State law allows.

Auto Accident Lawyers, Lynnwood, WA
Auto Accident Lawyers, Lynnwood, WA

Yes. Turn on emergency flashers to help warn other drivers of the auto accident.

Call 911 if there are any injuries or visible car accident damage.

Do NOT move injured people – let the Lynnwood, WA or other local medics do it.

Do not move cars unless they are blocking the freeway or Lynnwood, WA or other local police tell you.

Get the following information from all drivers involved in the accident: name, current address and phone, auto insurer name, policy number.

Yes. Get photos of car accident damage and injuries – at the scene if possible.

Go to the Emergency Room of your nearest Lynnwood, WA or other hospital for evaluation, and get recommended treatment.

Do not give a statement to an auto accident insurance adjuster until you’ve talked with an lawyer.

Do not accept money or sign a release until all injuries have been discovered – this often takes at least one month.

Cooperate with police and give full and accurate statements (unless you may be charged with a crime because of the accident, in which case you should hire a criminal defense lawyer before speaking with police).

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