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Some Of Jeff Herman's Recoveries On Personal Injury CasesCourthouse

Two girls aged 3 and 5 who were sexually assaulted in foster care by their foster father, after DSHS and the foster care agency failed to properly supervise him – $1.3 million structured settlement;

A 52 year old woman who suffered brain death after a collision at 110 mph - $1.25 million (policy limits on two coverages);

An 11-year old boy who was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest, who had been previously convicted of sexual misconduct with minors - $600,000;

A man in his forties who was murdered by his ex-wife’s new husband in front of his 12-year-old daughter – $500,000 (all of the slayer’s assets);

A man in his forties who suffered broken ribs, a liver laceration, and other fatal injuries in a collision where a drunk driver was going over 90 mph in a 30 mph zone – $200,000.00 (policy limits on the two available policies);

A 15-year-old girl who was fatally injured while riding with a driver who turned left in front of speeding oncoming pickup, tearing the compact car she was occupying in half – $200,000.00 (policy limits on the two available coverages);

A 19-year-old girl who was fatally injured by an oncoming police car which t-boned and flipped her mid-sized sedan -- $250,000.00 (policy limits on the two available policies);

A 50 year old man in two-vehicle high speed rollover auto accident, who sustained pelvic, leg, and rib fractures – $500,000;

An 18 year old man who was fatally injured when his intoxicated friend accelerated to 80 mph in a 30 mph zone and hit a construction truck -$151,400.00 (policy limits on all three types of coverage available);

A teenager who was sexually assaulted by a staff member in a group home – $290,000;

A uniformed crossing guard who was struck in a crosswalk, sustaining a broken leg – $250,000.00;

A patient who sustained major blood loss after routine surgery – $240,000.00;

An elderly nursing home resident who was seriously injured by neglect requiring amputation of her leg – $250,000.00;

(Pursuant to nondisclosure agreements, we are not permitted to disclose many of our recoveries for medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and child sexual abuse cases.)

Note: I will be your attorney only after we sign a written fee agreement. This website is not intended to offer legal advice.
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