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Wrongful Death & Death of a ChlldTombstone grave

Law: When a person wrongfully kills another, either carelessly or intentionally, the survivors have a claim for wrongful death.  Parents of a wrongfully killed child have a claim for death of a child.  The law is very tricky in this area and we have extensive experience.  Jeff Herman has successfully resolved 46 wrongful death cases as of February 2012.

Sample Recoveries:

Many of our wrongful death cases resulted in large recoveries which the defendants or insurance companies insisted be secret (confidential).  Some sample recoveries which can be disclosed are discussed in other pages on this website, such as Drunk Driving and Car Vs. Pedestrian Accidents.

A father who was murdered by his ex-wife’s new husband, in front of his 12-year-old daughter: $500,000 (all of the slayer’s assets).  The murderer was also sent to prison for Murder in the Second Degree.

Jeff Herman was initial counsel in an airline crash case involving the death of a married couple:  $12,000,000.

Jeff Herman has settled many other wrongful death cases for all of the insurance and assets available to the at-fault party.

Jeff Herman, as an ex-prosecutor, is deeply committed to getting justice for the families of victims of fatal accidents or injuries.  He is willing to sue murderers if they have any assets which can be seized to compensate these grieving families.



Note: I will be your attorney only after we sign a written fee agreement. This website is not intended to offer legal advice.
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