Bicycle Crashes - Bicycle accidents involve specialized legal rules.  The injuries are usually serious, and almost always involve fractures (broken bones).  The Defendants often refuse to pay what they should unless they are sued.  I file suit whenever necessary.  I know the rules and will apply them vigorously to get you the best results Washington State law allows.

Washington State Bicycle Accident Law

A bicyclist crossing a street in a crosswalk has the same legal rights as a pedestrian, even if riding across the crosswalk. A cyclist on the road in Lynnwood, WA has the same rights and duties as a driver, including the duty to stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk, stop sign, or red light.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Please be VISIBLE. Use lights and reflectors on your bicycle at all times, even in daylight. And please, wear a bicycle helmet, and replace it if it is damaged in an accident.

Bicycle Accident Sample Recoveries

A bicycle rider who was hit in a crosswalk on the Burke-Gilman trail suffering an accidental eye socket fracture requiring surgery: $100,000 (the limit of all available insurance policies).

A bicyclist who was hit from behind at a stop sign by a driver suffering from senile dementia, sustaining a shoulder blade fracture and concussion: $115,000.

A bicycle rider involved in an accident who was hit by another cyclist sustaining a collarbone fracture requiring surgery with good result: $75,000.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys, Lynnwood, WA
Bicycle Accident Attorneys, Lynnwood, WA