He handled my case with the steadfast confidence and competence that has made him a powerful champion for the underdog. The insurance companies know they better bring their best people to go up against Jeff and play by the rules or he WILL catch them.


CH sustained a broken leg requiring surgery in an accident.

Jeff Herman caught the driver and made his insurance company surrender its policy limits. He didn’t accept any excuses.


FB’s father was killed in a hit and run.

I liked his enthusiasm and his constant confidence that we were going to succeed.


SD was accidentally shot in a hunting accident.

Jeff made the insurance companies face up to what I went through. Thanks to him my doctors got paid and I can afford to go for job training.


DG sustained a brain injury when the driver he was riding with hit a freeway pillar at 100 miles per hour.

Jeff did an excellent job. At the end of the case the Defendant asked Jeff to represent him if he was ever hurt in a car accident.


AH was hit head-on by a driver passing in a no-passing zone.

He’s a genius!


HB hired Jeff Herman for an appeal.

I was in a car accident. Jeff helped me understand the process and helped with my insurance complany. He always kept me informed and was always on top of things. He’s professional, trustworthy, informative and an excellent example of what an attorney should be.


Jeff is caring, attentive, and genuine.


AT’s cousin was fatally injured in a trucking accident, and she was appointed Personal Representative for his estate.

I had some real rough times as my father past even so I had an injury in a auto accident. Mr Jeff Herman was very helpful and I would use his services again should I have any need. he was very polite and just made the bad situation so much better. I am very grateful for his service. I was not sure that he could take on both cases as for the Estate and the auto but he really came through for me . Thank you Jeff I hope as is well for you.


I have known Jeff Herman for a few years and find him to be very upfront and honest. He handled my car accident settlement when I was minorly injured by a negligent driver. Jeff went out of his way to keep me informed of all legal matters concerning my case. The case was handled promptly and was very smooth sailing. I would def. use Jeff Herman again if I ever needed to, and would certainly recommend him to anyone else.


Mr. Herman pulled through when I needed to obtain a settlement after sustaining injuries in an auto accident. Facing an incredibly obstinate insurance company, Mr. Herman’s knowledge, tenacity, and confident demeanor was very reassuring during a stressful process. He obviously takes his cases very personally, which just adds to the service, and the seemingly inevitable outcome: success.


Mr. Herman’s past and professional background has molded him into a compassionate person for his clients. He is also forthright with both parties involved which has endorsed him respect among all the populations in the state court systems. He provided highly competent legal services for my proceedings.


Mr. Herman worked with was extremely responsive to all of my calls and e-mails – days and evenings. He kepts me up to date on my case at all times in great detail. He was knowledgeable about car accidents as well as medical records. I believe that his back ground as a a former social worker serves him well in allowing him to really fight for his clients. I highly recommend Jeff Herman.


I’ve known Jeff for about four years now and he did a wonderful job on my husband’s car accident case. The result was much better than we could have hoped for. I’ve worked in the legal field (personal) for quite a few years, and have never met an attorney as honest and caring as Jeff. I would recommend him to my friends and family, and anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.