Motorcycle Accident Attorneys - Lynnwood, WA

Motorcycle Accidents  - Motorcycle crashes usually involve major injuries.  I have handled many of them, including fatalities.  If the Defendants won’t accept responsibility for their actions or won’t offer enough, I will file suit (with your permission) and hold the Defendants accountable for any damages that Washington State law (RCW) allows.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Lynnwood, WA
Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Lynnwood, WA

Call 911 if there are any injuries or visible accident damage.

Do NOT move injured riders or other people – let the medics do it.

Do not move motorcycles unless they are blocking the freeway or Lynnwood police tell you.

Get the following information from all riders and drivers: name, current address and phone, insurer name, policy number. Also take photos if possible.

Go to the Emergency Room of your nearest hospital for evaluation, and get recommended treatment.

Do not give a statement to an accident insurance adjuster until you’ve talked with an attorney.

Do not accept money or sign a release until all injuries have been discovered – this often takes at least one month. Speak with an attorney first.

Cooperate with police and give full and accurate statements (unless you may be charged with a crime because of the motorcycle accident, in which case you should hire a criminal defense attorney before speaking with Lynnwood police).

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